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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Mar 17, 2023


Processes. For many that word sounds boring, but for the wise owner it means profit. It’s one of your best tools to increase your profit. On this week’s episode, the guys dive right in, emphasizing the importance of developing and optimizing processes in business. By streamlining tasks and...

Feb 17, 2023


How’s 2023 going so far? We start every year with successful themes and words; not resolutions. Approximately 80 percent of those who set New Year’s Resolutions give up at the beginning of February. This is why we at Agency Exposed believe that choosing a word to guide your year and give you something...

Feb 3, 2023


2022 flew by and 2023 is here. That means it’s time to reflect on 2022 and what you want to change for yourself and your business in 2023. In today’s episode, we break down our goals, predictions, and thoughts for 2023 along with what we think all agencies should focus on. We talk about profit, efficiency,...

Jan 20, 2023


How to write a book. So many want to, so few do. Though it might seem lofty, unrealistic, or daunting, you CAN write a book. Everyone in our world has a different experience and perspective and something unique to say; the challenge is putting it into book form. In the last episode, we dove into Bob Hutchins...

Jan 6, 2023


Being human in a digital world. It’s no secret that our society has become a digital one; almost everything we do is online or involves the internet. In the last episode, we dove into Bob Hutchins and Jenny Black’s book, Our Digital Soul, breaking down collective anxiety and media trauma. In today’s...