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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Jul 29, 2022


Are we addicted to the direct response drug? Most are, and the question is how do you get off of it? Today we talk about the path to freedom while also breaking down digital ads, conversion, and direct response. We also talk about branding, survival mindset, ecommerce, lifetime value, storytelling, and more on...

Jul 22, 2022


Today we break down various ways we deal with stress and the positive impact challenges they have on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. Stress isn’t bad. It’s the only way you can grow. But if you don’t frame it correctly, that won’t happen. Exercise, journaling,...

Jul 7, 2022


Apologies in advance to Marvel fans. Today we break down our kryptonites and our superpowers and how they often tend to be two sides of the same sword. We talk about avarice, ego, lies, psychology, immunity, and more on this week’s special episode.



On today’s episode, we discuss the shadow side...