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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Jun 30, 2021


In this week’s episode, we dive into how to scale your agency without hiring. Although hiring team members is required, it’s not the most effective and healthy way to scale. To increase capacity and profit, you must innovate. Old, out-dated techniques are one part of the problem. A technique that can help...

Jun 23, 2021


In this week’s episode, we explore the scientific world of AI and specifically AI copywriting. We discuss the pros and cons of AI in marketing and life. Throughout this episode, we dissect the importance of the human element, truth in marketing, the future, and false narratives. We also breakdown the...

Jun 16, 2021


Today we’re continuing our series on agency fundamentals. Even if your agency is mature, this discussion is for you. One of the issues is the need to take time off without harming your business. The agency shouldn’t rely on any one person to survive. Three main ways to keep your agency running smoothly when...

Jun 9, 2021


Today we’re discussing how to start an agency and the 3 key components to be successful. These fundamentals are relevant to even verteran agencies. But first, what is an agency? Many businesses in this space are stereotyped as agencies but in reality, these “agencies” are not agencies at all but rather,...

Jun 2, 2021


Today we chat about how cancel culture impacts business, brands, and marketing. We talk about how truth is hard to find in the media and how we have the apparent ability to judge others as a massive group, which can be powerful and dangerous. We explore the importance of sincerity as well as the balance between...