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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Oct 20, 2023

Learn how to get the highest returns on your time and money investments. The guys provide actionable tips on becoming a "time multiplier," maximizing conference experiences, starting a podcast, and aligning your efforts with principles that create exponential growth. Discover how to build assets that compound over time.


In this episode, the guys discuss strategies for investing time and money wisely to achieve optimal returns. They talk about the concept of becoming a "time multiplier" by investing time upfront into tasks that eliminate repetitive work and create compounding returns. For example, spending time to automate processes saves ongoing effort in the future. They emphasize the importance of focusing on high-impact activities versus low-value repetitive tasks. Regarding conferences, the guys debate their value, with mixed opinions. Conferences can offer opportunities to connect and gain insights, but often lack real ROI. More curated events like TED provide better educational experiences. Interactive workshops and pre-recorded talks can also enhance conferences. Ultimately, investing in a mastermind group or coach provides higher returns than conferences for many. Starting a podcast is highlighted as a worthwhile investment; it enables access to high-profile individuals and provides a platform to share valuable insights. The guys stress the power of aligning efforts with universal success principles that compound over time, whether in business or personal contexts. Rather than scarcity, adopting an abundance mindset is key. Overall, the episode provides pragmatic tips for becoming a wise steward of time and money, creating assets that continue to pay dividends into the future.

Top 3 Curtain Pulls from this episode:

  1. Become a time multiplier. Dramatically increase your productivity by identifying tasks that eliminate repetitive work. Invest time upfront into efforts that create exponential returns in the future. Automating processes is a simple example that saves huge amounts of time long-term. Become a wise steward of your most precious asset.

  2. Conferences have mixed value. Conferences offer networking but often lack real ROI compared to other investments like masterminds or coaches. Look for events with genuine educational experiences like TED. Interactive workshops and pre-recorded talks can also enhance conferences.

  3. Adopt abundance and success principles. Shift to an abundance mindset regarding time and money. Align efforts with universal success principles that compound over time. Start a podcast to share your own insights. Keep learning and growing through the ups and downs.


About The Guys: 

Ken Ott: Co-Founder and Chief Growth Rebel of Metacake, an Ecommerce Growth Team for some of the world’s most influential brands with a mission to Grow Brands That Matter. Ken is also an author, speaker, and was nominated for an Emmy for his acting on the Metacake Youtube Channel (not really). More on Ken: 


Bob Hutchins: Founder of BuzzPlant, a digital agency that he ran from 2000 -2017. He is also the author of 3 books. More on Bob: 


Brad Ayres: Founder of Anthem Republic, an award-winning ad agency. Brad’s knowledge has led some of the biggest brands in the world. Originally from Detroit, Brad is an OG in the ad agency world and has the wisdom and scars to prove it. Currently that knowledge is being applied to his boutique agency. More on Brad:


Show Highlights:

[5:08] Ken talks about the importance of good times and bad times in life and business for growth.

[7:09] Bob asks the guys about their thoughts and predictions for 2023 and changes they'll make in their businesses.

[7:34] Brad discusses focusing on new business development, evaluating their services, and figuring out how to better serve current clients in the new year.

[11:52] Ken emphasizes the importance of profit and the misconception that high profit is greedy or selfish.

[18:27] Bob discusses changing mindsets and beliefs around profit.

[20:30] Brad applies the adage "shoot for the stars, land on the moon" to goal setting.

[22:22] Ken suggests questions agencies should ask themselves to prompt mindset shifts.

[25:54] Bob talks about becoming a "time multiplier" and investing time to get exponential returns.

[28:50] Brad compares the concept of a time multiplier to compound interest.

[31:13] Brad emphasizes the importance of setting measurable goals and targets.

[33:23] Ken introduces his new show "Growth Time" and the topics and episodes he's covered.

[38:59] Brad asks about the frequency of Ken's podcast and how often guests appear.

[40:49] Ken commits to releasing a book by the end of 2023 based on his podcast.