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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Jan 27, 2021


In today’s episode we break down the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health. We share our experience and secrets in training and putting your health FIRST. We show you why training like a pro athlete will be the key to your success. We also give practical tips on improving physical health, and...

Jan 21, 2021


Michael Begg is the co-founder of AMZ Advisers, a Guadalajara, Mexico based agency that specializes in Amazon Marketing, Management, and Strategy. We pick Mike’s brain on how he wound up being an Amazon marketing agency, the biggest lessons he’s learned from his experience, his services structure, and even...

Jan 13, 2021


Diversification is a hot topic for us- and for digital marketers especially, the coming years are going to be filled with challenges. Today we talk about our experience with single-platform marketing strategies and share the benefits and drawbacks of focusing on a single channel. We discuss how marketers need...

Jan 6, 2021


Happy New Year! Good riddance! See ya 2020! Today we are breaking down our themes for 2021 and how they were shaped in part from the events of this year. We all know there have been challenges and learning curves, major lessons learned, losses, and new opportunities. Today we talk about everything from...