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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Aug 25, 2021


On today’s episode, we talk about where we think an agency’s profit should go to bring the greatest return and maximize your resources. It’s how you bring stability and value to your business. Disclaimer: this is not financial advice. Consult with your financial professional doing anything. We are not...

Aug 18, 2021


Today we discuss how to break into new verticals. We also discuss whether you should break into new verticals. It can be challenging to close in on a client in a different industry when you have minimal experience there. On this week’s episode, we offer a few tips to help you jumpstart your journey through...

Aug 11, 2021


Today we talk about the challenges of working with difficult clients or just simply not getting the feedback you expected from the people you serve. Unfortunately, as service providers we can’t control the happiness of the people we serve. We can only control our own actions - the work we do and the way we...

Aug 4, 2021


Today we discuss the positive aspects of running an agency. When you work in an agency, you're essentially paid to play (if you do it right). You’re exploring unknown aspects of online marketing, branding, design, etc and that’s exciting! You have the opportunity to work with multiple clients per day which...