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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Jul 29, 2020


Maintaining a steady profit margin is the key to a healthy, stable business. It’s how you survive in downturns, how you invest in innovation, how you market, and more. The classic model in the agency world revolved around tracking billable hours and racing towards commodification at every turn- today we are...

Jul 22, 2020


In our last episode we started to unpack the current media buying model and discuss why we believe it’s no longer effective. In this episode we start to practically discuss what a re-engineered advertising model could look like for our agencies. We all know there is no perfect model, but there is a better...

Jul 15, 2020


In our coronavirus world, more and more businesses are turning to agencies for digital advertising. But the old model of percent of ad spend has a TON of flaws. It’s misaligned with the client, it doesn’t account for creative creation, creative refreshes, platform differences, and the list goes on. With the...

Jul 8, 2020


We all want new streams of new business, and today’s guest shares how they were able to build a healthy business serving other agencies. We’ve talked about the value of partnerships and collaboration with other agencies as a source of new business before and Oyova is a prime example of that. We also discuss...

Jul 1, 2020


Terms and contracts are overwhelming to begin with. No one wants pages of legal documents, but at the same time clear guidelines are essential to a successful and safe relationship. In some ways this can be the most intimidating part of business ownership, and it’s certainly one of the most important. There...