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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Mar 30, 2022


As we all are aware, the environment of today’s economy is constantly changing and inflation is a real challenge. Unfortunately, for a business the solution is not as simple as “raise prices”. Because of this, today, we break down how we combat inflation in a special investing episode. DISCLAIMER,...

Mar 23, 2022


Today’s episode features a special guest, Erik Jensen, Chief Strategy Officer of Predictive ROI. Predictive ROI is a thought leadership and content strategy business that helps agencies, consultants, and coaches create smart solutions while digging deep into their client’s systems and goals. We chat about...

Mar 16, 2022


And the myth-busting continues! On this week’s episode, we continue to analyze and debunk some of the most common myths in the agency world. We break down RFP’s, hiring, size, Cancun, creativity, trendsetting, and more in this week’s episode!



On today’s episode, we discuss some of the top...

Mar 10, 2022


Welcome to the 100th Episode of Agency Exposed! The agency world is riddled with myths and assumptions, and today we’re going to begin a series of episodes where we test some of the most widely believed myths about marketing, advertising, and agencies in general. We debunk some of the top agency myths and...

Mar 2, 2022


February 25th, 2022 is the day when Russia launched their initial attack on Ukraine. There are many fears, opinions, and politics circulating, creating a thick cloud that hides the reality of what’s happening in Ukraine; innocent people are dying. In this week’s episode, we stand with Ukraine, we...