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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Mar 30, 2022


As we all are aware, the environment of today’s economy is constantly changing and inflation is a real challenge. Unfortunately, for a business the solution is not as simple as “raise prices”. Because of this, today, we break down how we combat inflation in a special investing episode. DISCLAIMER, we’re not investment advisors, these simply are our opinions. We talk about investing in crypto and real estate, leveraged trades, cutting costs, and more on this week’s episode.



On today’s special episode, we dive deep into the world of cryptocurrencies and investing to break down our strategies for hedging inflation. Please keep in mind, we are not financial, business, or investment advisors, so do your own research and talk to your advisors. One of the first things we do to shield ourselves from inflation is to cut unneeded costs within our businesses. It’s important to analyze the efficiency and practicality of every tool in order to eliminate the unnecessary ones. As time goes on, chances are, you’ll have to raise your prices to keep up with inflation. Proactively changing prices can help you hedge against inflation. Investing is also key. Whether it’s real estate, gold, stocks, or cryptocurrencies, any wise investment can help you avoid inflation. While cryptocurrencies can yield big rewards, they do so at a high risk. 


Top 3 Curtain Pulls in this episode: 

  • Stick to your investment plan no matter your feelings. Once you decide where you want to invest and have committed, it’s important to not allow your feelings to dictate any changes to your investment. It’s good to know “hey, I should get out of this investment”, but stick to your plan and don’t let a bad day impact your investments. “emotions are tied to money. And you have to become, when you're investing, you really have to have a plan. Use data and your experience to make decisions. And you have to follow those decisions.”
  • Choose which crypto you invest in wisely. There are lots of coins and cryptocurrencies out there, and it can be challenging to decide what you want to invest in. While Bitcoin is unique and can be compared to gold, most coins are like technologies. Be thoughtful in how you invest in crypto, if you decide to, and make sure your general investments are diversified. “look at how you can keep a safe and balanced portfolio.”
  • Wait to invest until everything’s wrecked. Warren Buffet’s saying, when other people are fearful, that's when you buy, is one of the most important concepts of investing. While it may initially seem like a good idea to buy something that the media’s talking about, it’s best to wait until the market’s at its lowest to purchase any kind of stock or make any investment. . “do not buy when the media is talking about a stock or a company… you will have to buy when everything's wrecked.”


For more tips, discussion, and behind the scenes:


About The Guys: 

Bob Hutchins: Founder of BuzzPlant, a digital agency that he ran from from 2000 -2017. He is also the author of 3 books. More on Bob: 

Brad Ayres: Founder of Anthem Republic, an award-winning ad agency. Brad’s knowledge has led some of the biggest brands in the world. Originally from Detroit, Brad is an OG in the ad agency world and has the wisdom and scars to prove it. Currently that knowledge is being applied to his boutique agency. More on Brad:

Ken Ott: Co-Founder and Chief Growth Rebel of Metacake, an Ecommerce Growth Team for some of the world’s most influential brands with a mission to Grow Brands That Matter. Ken is also an author, speaker, and was nominated for an Emmy for his acting on the Metacake Youtube Channel (not really). More on Ken: 

Show Notes:

[0:44] Ken opens this week’s episode by telling the listeners that unfortunately, Bob won’t be on this week’s episode because he’s preparing for a TED talk.

[2:02] Ken tells the listeners that Bob’s TED talk is called, “from ambiguous loss to tragic optimism, journeying together through collective grief.”

[2:50] Brad says that in the next episode, they’ll have Bob unpack his TED talk and dive deep on it.

[3:11] Ken informs the listeners that, “this is not investment advice. This is not business advice. This is our opinion.”

[4:45] Ken asks Brad, “how do you make the most of the money that you have? And what are you doing these days?”

[7:01] Brad talks about how his childhood influenced his knowledge of investing and how “a lot of my investment knowledge comes from just trying things and learning.”

[12:01] Ken asks Brad to walk through a few of the asset classes.

[12:10] Ken also asks Brad how he thinks the environment today impacts crypto and equities. “with all that's going on, in the, in the environment, in the general, macro, economic, global environment, so you've got the Russian invasion in Ukraine? how is that impacting what we're doing?”

[12:55] Brad talks about what he’s doing in his business, and personally, to hedge inflation.

“I'm looking at anything that we can cut out of our budget personally and for my big business, anything that's extra”

[15:37] Ken discusses what he and his team are doing to shield themselves from inflation. “we're increasing prices… But also cutting things out.”

[20:09] Brad breaks down one of the most important investing principles. “when other people are fearful, that's when you buy… do not buy when the media is talking about a stock or a company… you will have to buy when everything's wrecked.”

[25:23] Brad discusses the importance of understanding your investing strategy and not making emotional decisions when investing. “emotions are tied to money. And you have to become, when you're investing, you really have to have a plan. Use data and your experience to make decisions. And you have to follow those decisions.”

[26:33] Ken asks Brad if, “There are any other coins that you're invested in that you think are stable and that are smart investments?”

[29:23] Ken explains that most coins are technologies. 

[29:33] Brad explains the difference between most cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

[30:28] Brad breaks down his crypto investment makeup and explains why he invested the way he did.

[36:20] Brad dives deep on crypto and leveraging trades.

[39:07] Ken asks Brad, “what about physical assets, specifically, real estate?”

[41:51] Ken discusses his belief that agencies should be shooting to make 30% profit and how that could help combat inflation.

[43:40] Brad talks about the importance of having a mindset that understands, “you live in a world where prices are always going to be much higher.”

[47:24] Brad discusses his most important takeaways regarding inflation and investing.

[50:34] Ken closes this week’s episode. “Hopefully, this is helpful. Again, it's not investment advice. And next time, we'll have Bob back here and we'll actually get into his TED talk.”