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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Apr 21, 2022


Today we’re workshopping a real marketing problem, live. In this episode, we talk about various forms of marketing, other than Facebook, as all kinds of marketers have recently been facing struggles with targeted marketing. We break down unique platforms, diversification, mindset, branding, and more on this episode of Agency Exposed.



On today’s episode, we ‘get jiggy with it’ and do a mini marketing workshop. Due to recent increases in privacy regulations, marketers have had to deal with large decreases in targeted marketing. We believe that privacy is important, but suddenly removing a tool that has been relied on by marketers for years definitely poses a challenge. So, in this episode, we discuss the importance of diversifying your marketing platforms and offer some alternative ideas. It’s important to be prepared for the shutdown of a platform and to utilize the resources that are still available on those platforms. The right mindset and branding also play a critical role in marketing, and having both will only help you in the long run. Sometimes, it’s more about the quality than the quantity of your leads.


Top 3 Curtain Pulls in this episode: 

  • Diversify your use of marketing platforms. Facebook is where ad companies are the most comfortable. Unfortunately, the targeted marketing that was once offered here is becoming more and more restricted due to privacy concerns. Privacy is important, but reducing the extent of targeted marketing can make our jobs more challenging. This is why it’s important to ask yourself and your clients, “What if Facebook was taken away tomorrow? What would your business look like? And if it's devastation, then you've got no choice but to figure out other channels.”
  • Utilize the retargeting that is available. While targeted marketing may be limited, there is some retargeting that is still available. Diversification is important, but make sure you and your clients are utilizing all available resources. “Be more creative, intentional, and thoughtful with retargeting strategies. On Facebook and Google you can still retarget just like you always could.”
  • Quality over quantity. Finding leads has the potential to become more difficult and expensive without targeted marketing. This is why it’s important to have the mindset that quality can surpass quantity. Niching down to the high quality clients, traffic, and leads are what can help your business succeed and grow in a time without most targeted marketing. “It's just a different mindset… it's really not about the volume of people. It's about the smaller number of high quality people, traffic, and leads that you get and really mining those.”


For more tips, discussion, and behind the scenes:


About The Guys: 

Bob Hutchins: Founder of BuzzPlant, a digital agency that he ran from from 2000 -2017. He is also the author of 3 books. More on Bob: 

Brad Ayres: Founder of Anthem Republic, an award-winning ad agency. Brad’s knowledge has led some of the biggest brands in the world. Originally from Detroit, Brad is an OG in the ad agency world and has the wisdom and scars to prove it. Currently that knowledge is being applied to his boutique agency. More on Brad:

Ken Ott: Co-Founder and Chief Growth Rebel of Metacake, an Ecommerce Growth Team for some of the world’s most influential brands with a mission to Grow Brands That Matter. Ken is also an author, speaker, and was nominated for an Emmy for his acting on the Metacake Youtube Channel (not really). More on Ken: 


Show Notes:

[0:33] Bob opens a Freestyle Friday episode with a brief chat about Yeti versus Ember mugs. 

[2:21] Bob begins a discussion about the advertising struggles that digital marketers are running into lately.

[2:34] Brad breaks down the question, “What do you do when platforms start to take away abilities to market to certain audiences that you relied on for clients?”

[5:39] Bob talks about some of the more unique platforms that he’s started using. “At the end of the day, when it comes to first party data, you just have to kind of just shift your whole mindset.”

[9:47] Ken discusses diversification and asks, “What was it like before Facebook?”

[12:14] Brad talks about how he views diversification in marketing as well as the importance of being prepared. “I look at this like a financial investment. Financially, you really want to diversify your investments.”

[16:09] Bob discusses 3 marketing areas that he believes will grow in the next few years.

[19:43] Bob talks about the importance of intentionally utilizing the retargeting that is available.

[20:58] Ken discusses the effectiveness of branding and acknowledges that, “It's just a different mindset… it's really not about the volume of people. It's about the smaller number of high quality people, traffic, and leads that you get and really mining those.”

[24:01] Bob mentions the marketing possibilities when partnering with influencers.

[29:30] Bob says that, “We would love to hear from our listeners! I know that we've had a little glitch with Spotify that we fixed and we got all of our past episodes that were missing. So if you're listening to us and you've got some ideas on how to be more creative with your clients and digital ads, we'd love to hear from you. So reach out to us! You can click on the podcast and email us or just use #agencyexposedpodcast and we'll find you.”