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Marketing Agency Exposed Podcast

Dec 30, 2020


Today we’re looking back on the entire year, reflecting on the themes we chose at the beginning of 2020 before we knew anything about lockdowns and pandemics. We are reflecting on how those themes have played out for each of us this year- even if not in the way that we thought they would. We talk about our...

Dec 23, 2020


In this episode we discuss how we are approaching normal end of year activities in a new remote-ish landscape in a time where profits may not be as plentiful and parties may not be as comfortable. We talk bonus structures, socially-distance parties (#thumbsdown), the absolute importance of diversification going...

Dec 16, 2020


The process of communicating with clients can be a tricky one to maneuver even in the best of times. Today’s episode focuses on experiences with new personalities (sometimes bad) entering on the client side. How do you deal with them? What are the guidelines you use? What are some strategies to win people...

Dec 9, 2020


Today’s episode focuses on the new landscape of business in Q4 of 2020. This week’s episode should be extra good because we did it twice (only pressed record the second time… womp, womp). We dig into this year’s sales holiday as customers and as agency owners, talking about the mindset of clients when...

Dec 2, 2020


In today’s episode Brad shares his experience being sick with Covid-19, giving some first-hand experience. He shares the complexities of recovering and isolating while also running an agency. We talk about areas of vulnerability in your business, the value of having trust in your team, and what he learned...